To Be Or Not To Be


Just a quick thought today… in the form of a question:

Are you a great spouse & parent, or are you just not a bad one?

In other words…

Are you the spouse and/or parent you were created to be… or are you just the product of a list of things you have committed never to be?

There is a difference.

I realized a while back that though it was a good thing to have a list of things I never wanted to do or be with my wife and kids… basing my goals exclusively on what I want NOT to do was limiting my potential as a husband and father.

How can you become all you were meant to be if you’re focused more on what you don’t want to be rather than what you could be?

I don’t want the best I can be to just be a good version of someone else from my past. I want my best to be all that God wants for me to be.

Confused much? Holler at me in the comments if you get me.

One thought on “To Be Or Not To Be”

  1. Trying NOT to be a type of spouse/parent/sibling/etc… just keeps you focusing on the negative, instead of what you DO want to be. It's sort of like trying to mow a lawn straight by looking at the grass directly in front of you (or worse yet, BEHIND you), instead of focusing on a mark in the distance and aiming towards that. I think that having a goal of what you want to be is a very important thing–I do keep in mind some of the things that I DON'T want to be, but that's not the right thing to focus on, in my experience.

    Asking God for direction is the wisest and humblest (or is that redundant?) thing a person can do. Sometimes God shows you what He wants you to be for this week, and then you get the bigger picture later. It pays to be patient.

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