The Metal One Piece

I’ve changed the size of the comic from 14″ wide to 12″. Mostly because I have a scanner with a 12″ bed. Saves time not having to scan twice and piece it together.

This will most likely be the last Star Wars parody comic for a while. I do hope to revisit this theme since it has been the most fun since the food battle.

10 thoughts on “The Metal One Piece”

  1. Ewwwww…Jabba’s belly button is quite disturbing. I don’t remember seeing that in the movie! I totally get the comic though. I could be sitting in a room wearing a t-shirt and shorts, sweating, meanwhile my friend will be wearing jeans, a sweater, and wrapped up in a blanket and she’ll say “I’m cold.”

  2. wow, I didn’t think that it was possible, but you have managed in your art style to make a hutt look even more like a turd.

    I’m someone who would also be very cold, but I also doubt Jabba would’ve wanted me to dress like a slave girl.

  3. Man, I’m dumb. I didn’t even see Jabba in the background. I couldn’t understand why Leia was cold. I just figured it was one of those comics I just don’t get. Much funnier now that I’ve read the comments. 🙂

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