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A Real Love Calculator

Remember those quizzes in the teen magazines? Now we have fancy Facebook apps and random Google Ads promising to tell us what type of lover we and if we’re compatible at all. We don’t really need a love meter, a quiz or even a love calculator to find out if you’re really in love… just ask yourself the following questions based on a wonderful definition of love from 1 Corinthians 13.

1. Are you patient with your partner?

2. Are you kind to them?

3. Do you envy anything about them?

4. Do you put them down to build yourself up?

5. Do you put them first in everything… or just yourself?

6. Do you find yourself getting very angry with them at a moments notice?

7. Do you keep a record of things they’ve done wrong to you in your mind?

8. Do you enjoy it when they suffer?

9. Would you do anything to keep them safe?

10. Do you trust them completely? Or do you have your doubts about their faithfulness?

11. Looking into the future, do you see great things ahead or just a bunch of drama?

12. Are both of you the type to keep loving one another even when things are the greatest in your relationship or life?

Now that you’ve answered these questions… put your name in the following blanks and see if this statement feels true in your life.

(Name) is patient. (Name) is kind. (Name) does not envy. (Name) does not boast or brag. (Name) is not stuck on him/herself. (Name) is not rude. (Name) is not self-centered or self-seeking. (Name) is not easily angered. (Name) keeps no record of wrongs. (Name) does not enjoy the suffering of others. (Name) is comfortable with the truth. (Name) will protect, hope for, and stick with those he/she loves.

Now that is a love quiz.

How did you do? What, if anything, was challenging to you? Post your thoughts in the comments.

How To Put Your Spouse First

This is something I’m working on more and more each day. See, I tend to be a selfish person. I think at our core most of us would have to say the same thing. We prefer being served over serving others for example.

In every situation I’ve been asking myself this question to help me be better at putting my wife’s needs above my own:

What do I want? Give that to her!

Simple… but very hard to do. For instance… we’re going out to eat. I have a place I want to go to… so does she… but they’re not the same place. I can fight for what I want… or I can give her what I want. It’s different than giving in… or losing. It’s a chance for us to willingly provide for the other person what we want ourselves.

I hear this giving thing comes back around. Plant a good seed and good things grow. I’m looking forward to that.

What do you do to help from being to selfish in your relationship? Post your thoughts in the comments.