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5 Things I’m Doing To Help My Wife More

I’m learning more and more that the key to a happy home is a happy wife. The key to a happy wife is making her feel appreciated and keeping her from feeling overwhelmed. The key to both of those is to  help her. It’s basic I know… but like so many things with relationships, it’s not knowing what to do, it’s buckling down and just doing it.

I’ve always figured that if my wife needed my help that she would ask. But she’s the type that things she should be able to handle it all on her own. She’s not good at asking. So these are things that I’ve just started to do on my own. I just made a list of tasks that seemed to drain her the most and took ownership of them. These aren’t things she’s asked me to do… they’re things I added myself and just let her know. She didn’t complain.

Here are a list of 5 things I’ve added to my Husband Portfolio that are really working wonders in my home.

1. I’ve started putting the kids to bed every night. We used to trade nights… now it’s my responsibility.

2. Bathing the kids… it’s my job now.

3. Cleaning the kitchen and doing dishes after dinner? My job now.

4. I must find and complete 5 tasks that help her around the house every evening after work.

5. I’ve secured a babysitter every other Thursday night so I can take her out to dinner.

She literally told me the other night, “You’re coming as close as you ever have to being the perfect husband”. I still have a bit to go I suppose. 🙂

Husbands, I put it to you. What things could you be doing (or are doing) to keep your wife happy, healthy and appreciated? Share your ideas in the comments so that we may all gain strength from your great wisdom!

Attention Geek Husbands: The key to unlimited playtime revealed.

The key to getting to do whatever you want is to outwork your wife… or at least try.

Clean the house, bathe the kids, do the dishes and the floors… then go play video games and see if she says anything. I have discovered this great power recently and I want to share it with you. It’s not easy to do because it actually feels at first like you’ll never get another free moment again in your life… but I believe that very feeling is what most of our wives feel every moment. Once they know we feel it too we become unified. The goal isn’t to equalize the work… but to be willing to do even more. So quit keeping score… and you will find that there is more time for the things you love to do than you ever thought possible. Guilt-free time… which is precious and rare.

Do you like bullet lists? I do:

  • Become completely selfless.
  • Set a goal to outwork your spouse.
  • Commit at least three days to this goal before cashing in.
  • Make it a part of your daily schedule… not just a one time thing.
  • Game on!

You’ll also find other benefits… like a cleaner home, a calmer wife, happier kids, more enjoyment of your free time. The list goes on. Try it today!

Husbands and Dads… what kind of things do you do around the house to bless your wife and kids? Share in the comments!