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Ask Jenn: Dinner Ideas


What dinner do you find easiest to serve your family that also makes them very happy?
– Julia

My favorite dinner to serve and eat is spaghetti. I make thin spaghetti, Ragu Chunky Mushroom sauce with meat, bread and sometimes salad. All of us love it, and I can make it in about 20 minutes. I would love to make it every night!

I would love to hear your family’s favorite dinners. I am always looking for new dinner ideas. Post you comments below!

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Ask Jenn: Kids in Sports


How do you feel about letting your kids join sports that are known for being extreme or hard contact sports, like football, bmx, skateboarding, and other various sports?
– Laurel

This is something we have not dealt with yet with our kids since our kids are still too young to participate in these types of sports. So, I may think differently when my baby boy is the one in this situation. I don’t have a problem with these sports if they are played or practiced with lots of safety gear and adult supervision. I want my son to play football. And, if he had the interest I would probably allow him to try some of the other “extreme” sports with lots of safety gear and the full knowledge that the minute he did not follow the rules, he would no longer be participating. I want my kids to try out a lot of different activities and sports, but I don’t think I go out of my way to encourage some of the more dangerous sports.

Coming Soon: “Ask Jenn”, the Blog Edition


After many months of nagging on my part, Jennifer, co-host of the popular marriage advice podcast, Geek Loves Nerd, has decided to start blogging. Her contribution?

We’ve always had an “Ask Jenn” segment on the podcast. The only downside to it is that listeners had to wait a week or maybe more to get the answer to their question. Starting Monday, Jenn’s going to be responding  to these questions right here on the website.

Jennifer will answer questions about parenting, marriage, hobbies, or whatever you can throw at her.

Email such things to geeklovesnerd@gmail.com