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25 Random Things I Love About My Wife


Let’s start a new meme… one that will actually do some good. I loved “25 Random Things About Me” as much as the next guy… but what could be better than bragging on our spouses?

  1. She’s the cutest wife ever.
  2. She does a podcast with me.
  3. She let’s me do podcasts.
  4. She is an awesome mother.
  5. She’s a great wife.
  6. She keeps herself in shape.
  7. She’s a great cook.
  8. Other people are impressed by her. They actually think more of me because I’m married to her.
  9. She’s very disciplined.
  10. She has great hair.
  11. She doesn’t decorate our bedroom with girly flower prints and such.
  12. Sometimes she doesn’t fall asleep while we’re watching movies.
  13. She helps me in my ministry.
  14. She smells good.
  15. Once in a while she’ll play Xbox with me.
  16. She thinks I look good.
  17. She trusts God with our life and future.
  18. She doesn’t talk bad about me to her friends.
  19. She works hard to make the best of bad situations.
  20. She dresses the kids very well. They never look like trailer babies.
  21. She wakes me up nice every morning.
  22. She has a great personality.
  23. The way she’ll turn her head away so I won’t see her smiling at something I said… that she wants to find annoying, but can’t help but laugh at.
  24. She is aware of her issues and strives to compensate for them… rather than being defensive and sensitive.
  25. Who needs a reason? She’s amazing!