2 thoughts on “64 – Doctor Who”

  1. Very cool to hear that you two are getting into Dr. Who. They say you never forget your first Doctor. Christopher Eccleston who plays the Doctor was brought in for the first season to reboot the franchise because of his popularity in the UK from what I understand. One of the premises of Dr. Who is that the Doctor can regenerate, like a cat with 9 lives. This has allowed many actors to take on the role during it’s over 20 yrs of showing. I was first a big fan during those PBS rerun years in the 80’s. Give the new Dr. (David Tennant) a chance when he comes in, it takes a bit but though you think you’ll never like a new Dr. they grow on you. By the way, Rose Tyler is probably one of the best companions ever in the whole franchise. You and Jen enjoy the ride!

    Chris Cucchiara

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