4 thoughts on “44 – Parents As Pastors”

  1. I really enjoyed this podcast too. What I really enjoyed is listen to how other christian live out their faith. It encourage me too make it continue to walk my faith. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  2. Hi James and Jenn

    I loved this episode you guys were spot on until the last question. The ladies question was, how to handle the kids going over to another childs house where the rules might be a little more lax. In my experience ( 3 girls 1-19, 1-14 and 1-11) once your children get to a certain age you have to trust that they know the absolutes in your lifes the line they may not cross no matter what. After that my thought is that as long as my TEENS! know that they may not do it at home ( the 11 year old may only go to houses of friends where I know the parents well) they may do it other places. I do not give them total freedom but enough to try there wings. There is a point that you have to loosen the strings and trust that they can tell right from wrong.

    1. I think there are better ways to expose your kids to things they don’t believe in doing than in someone else’s home. Kids are also exposed to older siblings, parents… people in authority who may be doing things that aren’t right for the child… but now seem okay. They don’t have to deal with that in school where everyone is a child… and teachers set the example. Plus it’s harder to say no in the context of someone’s home. When the entire family sits down to a movie the child isn’t allowed to watch… what do they do? Go into the next room alone? Make a huge scene?

      I just respectfully disagree. I’m all about giving my kids a real-life experience… allowing them to see the way others live and decide for themselves how they will live their life… but I’m also about setting them up to win. Staying the night at other folks’ house (especially in the context of the show… elementary school aged children) IS NOT a good idea in this day and age>

  3. elementary age I totally agree, I guess I took the ladies comments to mean older kids (where I am now)I do feel the freedoms must be age appropriate.

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