2 thoughts on “19 – Mr Mom”

  1. You guys are pretty fabulous! You remind me of…well… me. And my husband of course. It is always nice to hear another married couple who is so down to Earth. I loved the birds in the background. We have dogs who bark in our podcast so it is comforting. Glad we crossed paths!

  2. Ok. You don’t really have birds in your background. I have lost my mind and am guilty of listening to your podcast whist my daughter neglected to sign off from her website. The birds were in the background of HER website. Duh. I am embarassed. But it made groovy background music for your cast…

    (http://tdi.cartoonnetwork.com/) It was at the end of the presentation when everything goes idle. 😉

    Anyway, we still have dogs though. Ooops.

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