Playing Play-Doh With The Kids


I remember when it was just play-doh… and that was it. Now they’ve got so many gadgets that I’ve noticed that we don’t ever just shape things ourselves. I challenged Jenna to make a dog without any tools. She did great… but obviously wasn’t pleased with the outcome. She started clumping bits and pieces of doh around his body then said laughing, “He’s stuck in a bush!”

In a small way it’s inspiring. Though she wasn’t happy with the outcome, she didn’t get frustrated, she turned it into something she could enjoy and share with others. That took creativity, positivity and humor.

All from playing play-doh.

2 thoughts on “Playing Play-Doh With The Kids”

  1. I honestly don’t like the gadgets for play-doh. I think they limit kids’ imagination and make them feel as if they have to make everything smooth and perfect. When I was little and playing with play-doh, looking to come up with my own tools (plastic knives, spoons, etc.) took creativity of its own. Great that you challenged Jenna to do that!

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