Comic 1 – You Ain’t Right

My daughter, and her desire to be involved in every bit of my ‘geek life’, is a high-point in my life. Recently she’s been all about Mario Kart Wii. Her favorite character? Princess Peach… the “Big Princess”… not the baby! Watching her play is an adventure in itself. She can’t sit… she has to stand and not only turn the wheel, but swing it around like Tron protecting himself with a light disc! The whole race is a series of over correcting… first into the wall on the right… then into the wall on the left.

Her only request every time we play… the same as her mom’s come to think of it… “No water”!

6 thoughts on “Comic 1 – You Ain’t Right”

  1. You’re using Scott Johnson’s template. Change that and it will look more original. Yeah, I’m having a grouchy day. Wutchya gonna do.

  2. Ah,your kid’s so cute. I think my 3 1/2 year old brother is the same age as Jenna. Could we betrothe ’em. James, I wanna be your brother in-law!

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