Jenna’s Comic

Jenna, my four year old daughter, sat down today and decided she wanted to draw a comic like Daddy. Who was I to deny her? I handed her a strip and a pencil and let her go to work. The first thing she drew as the panels… you might notice them in there dividing the three characters. The script is all her’s as well.

She just assumed that I would put it on my “website” and so here it is. I’m proud… can you tell?

10 thoughts on “Jenna’s Comic”

  1. Great job Jenna! I think everyone has those plain days every once in a while. I also think it would be a great if we could choose when it was our own halloween day!

  2. Great job, Jenna! You will be a great artist one day, just like your daddy. 🙂

    Keep drawing every once in a while for Geek <3s Nerd…and James, I’d like to see her impression of a few of the random stories from Nobody’s Listening, as well. Just ask her to draw them…like the algebra one. That would be funny, to see what she comes up with, then put it below yours! 😉

    ~Ashley from FL~

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