Geek Loves Nerd, The Podcast, Will Return After These Messages


Jennifer the Nerd and I the Geek will be taking a few weeks off from our regular podcasting schedule. We have no intention of ending the show… we just need to spend some time focusing on some real life stuff (home, job, future) so that the podcast can continue to be fun for us.

For those who worry about such things… no, we’re not in any trouble… no Jon and Kate issues in sight. We’re just finding ourselves tired at the end of the day… and free time is precious. Once a few dates pass and things get decided/accomplished, free time will return.

Thanks for understanding… and for those who pray, add us to the list. The typical guidance and direction will do us just fine.

6 thoughts on “Geek Loves Nerd, The Podcast, Will Return After These Messages”

  1. Cool. Thanks for letting us know……or we'd have to start thinking you were podfading…….*glare* And you wouldn't do that, now would you? Ah, I'm just joking. Take as much time as you need, it just means more updates when y'all come back.

  2. Have fun in your "Off season". I'll be praying for you guys even though you said at one point pastors don't like to be prayed for. Hope you guys get everything figured out and that the podcast continues to be fun and less of a chore.

    1. We don't mind being prayed for… I just don't like it when you get mobbed by a room full of folks wanting to pray. I'm the guy who hates having the birthday song sung to him… so imagine my horror at being prayed for! 🙂

      1. For some reason when I read your response I imagined a room full of zombie Christians all quietly chanting, prayyyy…prayyyyyyy….. lol too much plants vs zombies

  3. Thinking of you 2 always, can't wait to hear you both again. Enjoy your rest and look after yourselves. We'll still be here ready to welcome you back with open arms.

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