Comic 4 – Disney Is Like Pancakes

I ripped this idea right out of my vacation last week… and a Twitter I sent out. Disney is a wonderful place… but with the heat, crowds, transportation issues and even the cast members lately… it gets old fast.

10 thoughts on “Comic 4 – Disney Is Like Pancakes”

  1. Wow. From excited to irritated (or maybe I misread your post on the first day at the park?).

    I think that’s part of going on vacation with kids (I have three; I know whence I speak). We went to Legoland for a week one day last month.

  2. Thanks Conz! Glad someone noticed! 🙂

    From excited to tired Rob. Your right… it’s a part of any vacation. Not limited to just Disney… it’s just more amplified than say, a trip to the lake. Trees aren’t as annoying as other tourists.

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