Comic 77 – Venting

Just venting with this one.

Here’s the situation. You know how one bad comment can erase a ton compliments? How much more is that with people?

6 thoughts on “Comic 77 – Venting”

  1. It's so funny that my son and his girlfriend were talking about the exact same thing just hours before I read this! And since being 'Christian' means living in Christ, isn't it odd that they don't act very Jesus-like?

  2. And the church will wonder why it is dying when all it can do is pass on judgement and clique-ism. We want more from church than what today's church offers. We are out of church right now as are both of our 20-ish sons — too much hurt and judgement for those who don't quite fit the box. One son is not quite with the Lord and the other is growing closer each day. But we know that God does not leave us, we leave Him. But I can be close to him and out of church. My wife's line is "I should not have to wear my spiritual armor to attend church." Amen, Sweetie.

    1. I agree. There is a church out there that will fit you… and that will allow you to benefit them. I just know this: If all of the good “outside of the box” folks quit going to church… none of them will be worth going to.

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