Comic 16 – The Only Real Halloween Magic

I’ve been thinking about how when I used to dress up at Halloween I wasn’t just dressed as a Pirate or Cowboy… I was a Pirate or Cowboy!

I drew this up to help me see what my little family will look like… through my kids eyes.

9 thoughts on “Comic 16 – The Only Real Halloween Magic”

  1. Awesome work! That’s how I see Halloween with my kids now! I’ll be trick-or-treating with Spiderman, a spider witch, and a pre-teen in her jammies. Actually, the pre-teen is too cool to be seen with the parents, so we’ll always be at least 10 feet behind!

  2. Love it James — and frankly, I know adults that let their imaginations kick in to that degree at Halloween, too. It is a magical, pure fun event to all who are young at heart!

  3. I was going to draw up my shirt… but I thought it would muddy the point of the comic… plus it just shipped today… I may not get it in time. 🙁

  4. Your cartoon reminds me of when my dad took us trick-or-treating, and he’d dress up like a vampire! I wanted to hold his hand to feel safe, while at the same time he scared the SNOTS out of me!

    …I’m alright with that now….;)

    (I always dressed up when I took my kids begging, too–just less scarily!)

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