9 thoughts on “Comic 15 – If Hereos Writers Wrote the Bible”

  1. it is just you… everyone i’ve talked to is a fan for the most part.

    it’s not that out of the blue though, he’s always had that shred of goodness in him.

  2. you know what… if we had to lose our friendship over anything, i’m glad it’s heroes.

    does it bother you that everyone else is changing?

  3. Of course! I’m beginning to hate the whole series. I hear Monday night’s was good though. Seems it’s pulled many who think like me back from the brink.

  4. Thats the kind of religion I could get into. We would all have to follow its twitter to see whats what in the ever-changing afterlife.

    I haven’t been watching Heros, but those trailer promo things… WOW!

  5. Sylar always had a shred of good in him? Are you serious!?!? Did you see season 1? But I guess it could be true, but the shred is what he took from the people he “operated” on. Heroes is going down fast!

    BTW, funny comic!

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