Comic 14 – Tomorrow Will Be Better

Hannah Montana says that “everyone has those days”. Today was one for me… but I still find myself believing things will be better.

Weird topic for a comic I know… but when I sat to draw… this is what came out.

5 thoughts on “Comic 14 – Tomorrow Will Be Better”

  1. I like it… I’ve had days (recently!) like that & that is a perfect rendition of what it would look like on paper.

    I love the sunny sky & butterfly. (especially since I heard the four letter “s” word in the weather forecast… s-n-o-w. YUCK)

  2. I know days like that. But the next day can’t be possibally any worse than this day-is what I think. And it never is.

  3. Wow, totally know how you feel. I’m getting laid off early in 09, and everything else seems to be going all crizzle on me. O.0 So, this comic helps. Thanks James. Just so ya know, I’ve been praying for you. All your shows/forums/websites help keep the spirits up. So, keep it up.

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