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Happy Birthday Jenn


I am the luckiest man on this earth. Not just because I’m with you… but because you had any interest in my at all in the first place.

You’re an amazing woman. The smartest person I know (aside from your taste in husbands). The best mother a man could hope to have for his children. Easily the cutest lady in the universe.

I live my life to please God and be worthy of you. Thanks for everything.

My only regret is that our kids don’t look more like you. 🙂

Great Couples Podcasts


Geek Loves Nerd is a fun show with the best co-host known to man… but there are some really excellent shows done by married couples that you should check out if you haven’t already. These shows range from G to PG-13 rating. Some are done by Christian people, others are not… but they are all worth a listen.

If you have other great couple’s casts that you’d like to share, drop a note in the comments below.

If you do end up enjoying the mess out of one of these shows… make sure to tell ‘em where you heard about ‘em!

Great Couple’s Podcasts:

Family From The HeartiTunes, RSS

Jawbone RadioiTunes, RSS

Jenn & DAVe ShowiTunes, RSS

Monster CookiesiTunes, RSS

Two Blind SquirrelsiTunes, RSS

Redboy PodcastiTunes, RSS

GLN Is Looking Sooo Good!


We recently updated the entire website. I hope you enjoy the sleeker, brighter, improved version of!

Note the dual columns featuring both blog posts and podcasts. This is a feature I’ve wanted in a theme for a long time. I finally learned enough CSS to code it myself. This is a functionality I’d love to build into the new theme over at as well.

I’ve also featured the Categories in their own secondary toolbar. This will allow quick and easy access to exactly the info you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for any of the old menu items that aren’t on the main menu… hover your mouse over the About button. Most of them are tucked into there.

My Podcast Subscriptions


I figured that today I should share the podcasts I’m listening to:

chicken pop pod – Pop culture past and present.

Children’s Ministry Monthly – The practical children’s ministry podcast.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – A great show sharing history, but old as a story.

GOK: Gospel of Kennison – My audio journal.

Jawbone Radio – An excellent and entertaining couple’s cast.

JDAZE Podcast – A clean comedy show telling stories, news and other fun stuff.

The Jesus Geek – Tech, news and how-to’s for the connected Christian.

Mike Thinks News – Current news in science, tech, the internet and culture… plus a healthy slathering of personal opinions.

Nobody’s Listening Podcast – Telling funny life stories and inviting you to do the same.

Retroist Podcast – Retro culture, nostalgia, humor and fun. This guy is very good at what he does.

WBR Show – Random Humor, Current Events, Pop Culture. Your Mom.

Subscribe and enjoy all of these shows… and when you do, tell um who sent ya!

Coming Soon: “Ask Jenn”, the Blog Edition


After many months of nagging on my part, Jennifer, co-host of the popular marriage advice podcast, Geek Loves Nerd, has decided to start blogging. Her contribution?

We’ve always had an “Ask Jenn” segment on the podcast. The only downside to it is that listeners had to wait a week or maybe more to get the answer to their question. Starting Monday, Jenn’s going to be responding  to these questions right here on the website.

Jennifer will answer questions about parenting, marriage, hobbies, or whatever you can throw at her.

Email such things to

This Week’s Popular Posts

Popular Posts

In case you missed anything. Here are this week’s post in order of popularity:

The Foolish Farmer (To Get Love, Give Love)
There was once a Farmer. A foolish man indeed.
He was angry at his crops for staying in their seeds.
He needed food so badly; himself, his wife, and daughter.
The plants refused to grow so he refused them any water.
– James Kennison

Selflessness: The Key TO Fulfillment in Marriage
Most folks will tell you that in a marriage each person has got to give, 50/50. Though it does take two to make it work… true love actually means each person is giving 100% of themselves to the other, independent of what they may or may not receive in return. It is only through selflessness that both are truly fulfilled.

A Selfless Marriage Trains Your Children
One of the greatest benefits of selflessness in a marriage is the example it gives to others. When those others are living in the house with you, share your last name, and look like the both of you (aka your children) the impression is far greater than we can imagine.

Sacrificial Love
I’m learning more and more that getting along with a spouse is less about compromise and more about sacrifice. Compromise means neither person really gets what they want or need from the situation. The goal is to keep the peace and make the issue go away. Sacrifice means someone is giving up what is good for them for the good of the other. Ouch.

Podcast: Show 50 – Our 13th Anniversary
Join Jenn and James on their 13th Anniversary Date… plus a special guest.

Follow us on Twitter: @nlcast & @jkennison

This Week’s Popular Posts


10 Ways To Do Father’s Day Right

Father’s Day is coming up. It’s got to be one of the most downplayed events of the year. The role of the father has been devalued in our culture to the point that virtually no one feels it’s an occasion worth celebrating at all…

25 Random Things I Love About My Wife
Let’s start a new meme… one that will actually do some good. I loved “25 Random Things About Me” as much as the next guy… but what could be better than bragging on our spouses?

Parenting Is Setting The Example, And Scary
A wise man once said, “At first a kid will do what you say… but then they’ll do what you do.” A scary thought huh. It means that properly raising your child is more than modifying bad habits and behaviors in your child… it’s also becoming the person you want you child to become yourself.

Show 48 – How To Fight With Your Spouse
A conversation about fighting and arguing. Helpful tips to keep both of you from killing each other.

Show 49 – About Debt
Let’s talk about debt baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things debt can be. Let’s talk about debt. Let’s talk about debt.