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Introducing Our New Podcast: Podcast Kid!


My daughter Jenna and I have been podcasting together since she was just three years old. But we’ve always included them as just a special part of the Geek Loves Nerd podcast. But no more!

As of today, Jenna’s new show for kids has been launched. It’s called Podcast Kid. It’s a podcast for kids ages 3-10… but you’ll probably love it too! It features conversations with Jenna on various topics that matter to kids. Plus segments from JoJo the Clown, Jenna’s Mom and Silly Songs with Jenna’s Dad!

We hope you’ll subscribe and listen to every show and share it with your young friends! Thanks!

You can also become a fan of Podcast Kid on Facebook and follow the show on Twitter.

New Podcast, I Like Genius, Is Live!


The first episode of I Like Genius is live! Huge thanks to my guest, Christopher Stapleton (ChickenPopPod & The Folding Chair).

I Like Genius is a podcast that examines the everyday people behind some of the most creative and viral content on the internet and turning entertainment into inspiration.

It’s not listed in iTunes yet… but in the mean time here are some subscription options:

iTunes: Subscribe

Zune: Subscribe

Podcast RSS:


Enjoy These New Site Features

Those who frequent any of my websites will undoubtedly note that I have a thing for changing my WordPress themes on a regular basis. This is because I’ve never been happy with any of the themes I used. For years I’ve wanted to find a podcast friendly theme… the ComicPress of podcasting if you will… and though some came close, I never found exactly what I was looking for. Well, I did… but it would be a custom theme built from the ground up specifically for the show… not a freely available theme… or even premium theme for that matter.

I finally buckled down and got my head wrapped around css and php enough to modify ComicPress just enough to become the theme I always wanted. The product of that work is what you see now.

Here are some of the features that have been added:

  • Live video stream prominently featured on the main page.
  • Social networking buttons, media player and subscription options are in plain view.
  • Better integration of banner ads and other advertising.
  • Podcasts have their own featured column.
  • Feed player added to sidebar.
  • Community chat added to, and
  • From The Archives added to sidebar. Pulls posts from one and two years prior.
  • Sponsor-A-Show page updated.
  • Promote page added under Sponsor-A-Show

Still on the todo list:

  • Rework layout of individual posts and podcast pages.
  • New header title image.
  • Add community chat page for full screen chatting.

My goal was to create a theme that could be used for all of the NLCast Network shows. I believe I have accomplished this. It really feels good when you learn something new.

Geek Loves Nerd, The Podcast, Will Return After These Messages


Jennifer the Nerd and I the Geek will be taking a few weeks off from our regular podcasting schedule. We have no intention of ending the show… we just need to spend some time focusing on some real life stuff (home, job, future) so that the podcast can continue to be fun for us.

For those who worry about such things… no, we’re not in any trouble… no Jon and Kate issues in sight. We’re just finding ourselves tired at the end of the day… and free time is precious. Once a few dates pass and things get decided/accomplished, free time will return.

Thanks for understanding… and for those who pray, add us to the list. The typical guidance and direction will do us just fine.

Sorry About The Lack Of Comics


Every time I get my schedule hashed out, it seems that something gets shifted around and the whole thing goes to pot. One of those things has been the web comic unfortunately. Typically I like to do them over the weekend and post them for Monday. The weekends have been crazy busy the past two weeks and nothing has been accomplished (web comic wise anyway).

Hang in there. We’ll get you something good. In the mean time there are still Podcasts and Marriage & Family Advice Articles to read!