Comic 80 – Night Crawler

I remember waking up once in my Florida home as a child… something was scratching my neck. I was to sleepy for much to register at that point. I thought it was my shirt’s tag. I reached up to scratch the itch and I felt a squirming. I swiped my hand across my neck and sent what was surely a large black roach flying across the room.

I slept… but every itch felt like a bug getting me for the rest of the night.


Enjoy These New Site Features

Those who frequent any of my websites will undoubtedly note that I have a thing for changing my WordPress themes on a regular basis. This is because I’ve never been happy with any of the themes I used. For years I’ve wanted to find a podcast friendly theme… the ComicPress of podcasting if you will… and though some came close, I never found exactly what I was looking for. Well, I did… but it would be a custom theme built from the ground up specifically for the show… not a freely available theme… or even premium theme for that matter.

I finally buckled down and got my head wrapped around css and php enough to modify ComicPress just enough to become the theme I always wanted. The product of that work is what you see now.

Here are some of the features that have been added:

  • Live video stream prominently featured on the main page.
  • Social networking buttons, media player and subscription options are in plain view.
  • Better integration of banner ads and other advertising.
  • Podcasts have their own featured column.
  • Feed player added to sidebar.
  • Community chat added to, and
  • From The Archives added to sidebar. Pulls posts from one and two years prior.
  • Sponsor-A-Show page updated.
  • Promote page added under Sponsor-A-Show

Still on the todo list:

  • Rework layout of individual posts and podcast pages.
  • New header title image.
  • Add community chat page for full screen chatting.

My goal was to create a theme that could be used for all of the NLCast Network shows. I believe I have accomplished this. It really feels good when you learn something new.

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Kids Feel Special

5. Draw them a picture

Think of all the times they’ve drawn pictures for you. It’s how they show you they love you. Drawing you and them standing hand-in-hand with your house in the background… maybe put the dog in there. It’s a great way to let your youngun know how you feel about them. If you really don’t want to bother, let me draw you a picture for them!

4. Take them on a date

If you have a ton of kids, take them two at a time… but if you only have a few, set up a time where it’s just you and them out on the town. Take them out to eat, get dessert, then a movie or just go shopping. It’s a great way to bond and it makes them the center of your world with none of the distractions of home around to bother you.

3. Talk about them to others

There is nothing I loved more as a child than to overhear my mom talking me up to her friends. It only happened a few times that I remember… but I remember each one to this day. She’d talk about how I was bringing my grades up. How I was such a good artist for my age. She’d brag on my improving behavior. Not only will you kids’ heart soar… they will want to impress you even further!

2. Let them help you

If you’re still lucky enough to have kids that want to help you around the house… let them! Yes it’s more difficult and will take a lot more time… but they want to help! That’s priceless! Not only are you teaching them the benefits of work by making it fun… it’s develops a part of your relationship that nothing else can. It makes you a team. Your child feels they are side-by-side with you, for just that moment… it makes them feel big. It gives them a preview of adulthood… and a good one at that. They’ll learn from you and they’ll want to grow up just like you.

1. Tell them you love them

I casually tell my kids I love them all the time. But once in a while I literally hold my girl’s head in my hands and stare deep into her eyes and say, “Girl, I love you so much.” She’s 4 and a half… and she tears up almost every time.

I grew up without most of the things on this list. Chances are you missed out too. I strive to raise my kids the way I wanted to be raised. They’re so much like me already. It’s going to be awesome seeing them become more than I ever could because they’re getting what they need now. Let’s all commit to giving what we didn’t receive.

Attention Geek Husbands: The key to unlimited playtime revealed.

The key to getting to do whatever you want is to outwork your wife… or at least try.

Clean the house, bathe the kids, do the dishes and the floors… then go play video games and see if she says anything. I have discovered this great power recently and I want to share it with you. It’s not easy to do because it actually feels at first like you’ll never get another free moment again in your life… but I believe that very feeling is what most of our wives feel every moment. Once they know we feel it too we become unified. The goal isn’t to equalize the work… but to be willing to do even more. So quit keeping score… and you will find that there is more time for the things you love to do than you ever thought possible. Guilt-free time… which is precious and rare.

Do you like bullet lists? I do:

  • Become completely selfless.
  • Set a goal to outwork your spouse.
  • Commit at least three days to this goal before cashing in.
  • Make it a part of your daily schedule… not just a one time thing.
  • Game on!

You’ll also find other benefits… like a cleaner home, a calmer wife, happier kids, more enjoyment of your free time. The list goes on. Try it today!

Husbands and Dads… what kind of things do you do around the house to bless your wife and kids? Share in the comments!