Comic 70 – Pop Quiz

So often I find myself in a position where I have to use the truth to tell a lie. All of the things I tell my wife are always true. She is beautiful. She does look thin. Her hair is great… but somehow I still feel like I’m saying it just to stay out of trouble… which feels the same as lying when I was a kid to stay out of trouble.

I blame her. 😉

Comic 69 – 56 Non-Geeks 15 & 16

It’s hard to exaggerate some of these… because I’ve seen folks with many more of those bracelets than I drew on that guy.

I’ll probably take a small break from the non-geeks after this one. I will be finishing… I just want to do something else for a while. 🙂

Comic 68 – 56 Non Geeks – 13 & 14

I think some folks are mis-interpreting this latest series. These are folks that I DO NOT consider to be true Geeks. I have no doubt that folks out there are passionate about some of these things (Candle Geek) but that does not, in this artist’s opinion, necessarily make them a geek. 🙂

Marriage Conference Pics


Jenn and I were thrilled to be a part of the Sheffield Family Life Center Marriageability Conference today in Kansas City. We did two sessions, each were recorded as a live podcast. It was the first time doing the show in front of a ‘studio’ audience… but it was a blast. The peoeple really seemed to enjoy it… and so did Jenn and I. We’ll be releasing both sessions as Show 44 and 45 in the GLN feed, fyi.

Here are a few pictures (exactly three) a friend was kind enough to snap for us. (Thanks Steph for the additional pics!)