Comic 65 – 56 Non-Geeks 7 & 8

Momma, don’t let your babies grow up to be Cowboy Geeks. I know there are people who collect cowboy/western stuff… but that don’t make you a Geek!

As for Tanning Bed poeple. You’re Orange!!! Stop it!!! Your Flippin’ Orange!!!

If you have any suggestions for some Non-Geeks… shoot them to me at!

Comic 62 – 56 Non-Geeks 1 & 2

It’s a new short-series shash project. The 56 Non-Geeks!

If you listen to the GLN Podcast (and you better be!) then you know Jenn once tried to say that there could be such a thing as Accounting Geeks… since a Geek has been described as being anyone that is passionate about anything. I feel the definition just doesn’t old water. There has to be more to it. This series will prove my point… hopefully.

Hat tip to Scott Johnson for the insperation to do 56 of these suckers.

Easter Hunt Winners

Congratulations to Shari, Tammy, Philip, Deth & Joseph for finding the following ‘egg’ that was hidden in the Geek Loves Nerd comic archives. What did they win? They were each sent an email with a sneak peek of the new short-series the rest of you will see on Wednesday morning.

For those of you who looked, but didn’t find… here’s what they found:


Hope you had a great Easter… thanks for reading and listening to Geek Loves Nerd.

**Update** Where was it? It was here.