The Star Wars Family

Every few days or so Jenna has to go through the list and assign parts to each of us from the Star Wars movies. More often than not, I’m stuck being Jar Jar.

She won’t let me play Darth Vader… even though the line, “I am your Father” would really be appropriate.

I think I’ve finally found my own style. I realized I was trying to draw like other cartoonists. Mostly from a distrust of my own ability. I hope to produce a more stylistically consistent strip from now on.

Let Her Have Her Moment

This actually happened the other day. My daughter (like many kids her age) doesn’t like having to drink her milk everyday. She doesn’t even want it in her cereal! So when she thought she had finally finished it all… we didn’t have the heart to tell her differently.

I’m experimenting with inking on paper then scanning. Can’t say I’m thrilled with the art on this one. I’m going to give it a few more shots before I give up though.

The New Scene At Best Buy

For years I’ve enjoyed showing off my mad skills on Guitar Hero, then Rock Band at the local Best Buy. If you’re any good you could round up a group of geeks and nerds in an instant.

Those days are gone forever!

Now Rock Band is popular. Geeks and Nerds to the end of the line please!