Alright Shorty!

Yes, I reused a joke. It’s a classic comic technique… a cheater technique. I actually had written the script for this one before the last one. I’d also like to add that I think it’s so fitting that Jenna and her little brother are playing Luke and Leia.

This one is in black and white because I like sleep… and I ran out of evening. It may start a trend. We’ll see.

Qui Gon Jerk

I don’t care for Jar-Jar any more than the next guy… but I think he got a bad start. He’s just standing in the woods eating breakfast, then he’s suddenly being mowed down by a giant transport and trips over a Jedi.

He gets up and tries to say thanks… and Qui Gon totally blows him off! You will never again hear him say anything so rude to anyone… or anyone else in the movie for that matter. It’s very out of character when you think about it.

Well, one things for sure. If it were me in that movie, I would have given that LBB something to think about.