Comic 26 – More Holiday Villans

Secret Santa – This guy likes to sneak into your workplace and force you into a situation where you have to purchase and give a gift for someone you hardly know… and may not even like. He also relishes the fact that this purchase was not, in any way, figured into your Christmas budget.

White Elephant – This beast rarely has to sneak into anything… he is often invited right in… even more often by your closest family and friends. The idea seems simple, “bring a non-gift,” but not if White Elephant has his way. It’s going to be the most stressful selection of your life. Should you go for funny? Will you have to go into that horrible almost-adult store at the Mall? How crappy is to crappy? Somewhere a pale pachyderm is grinning.

Christmas Carol – Ever wondered why they start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween? Ever had you favorite light rock station taken over by a little to much Christmas cheer? Ever been forced to stand and smile while a group of people (children included) sing to you? Send you thank you cards to this young lady. She’ll be waiting.

Comic 25 – Holiday Bad Guys

Black Friday – He teases us with super low prices on a few items that won’t be there by the time we are… so that we’ll buy something at full price just to make the trip worth while.

Cyber Monday – He’s a new villian to me. He offers ‘low’ prices by giving rebates that you’ll never cash in and giftcards that are only good if you buy more stuff at the same store later.

Christmas Eve – Her job is to keep you from thinking about buying gifts until the day before Christmas. Then once she’s released your mind about 13 hours before that special day, she spends the rest of her energy making the store impossible to get to and the item even more impossible to find.