Final Showdown

I’m sick as a dog today. I’m so glad I wrote out this storyline in advance!

This was my first comic where everything was sketched on paper and scanned into the computer for ink and color. I’m happy with the outcome. Seems like I’m getting a lot more out of the characters using paper.

I’d love to get your feedback on this mini series. Look for the conclusion soon!

Comic 30 – Broccoli Monster

I’m having a blast drawing this series (my first).

The Broccoli Monster marks my first piece where I’ve drawn the sketch on paper then scanned for inking and coloring. I feel that I’ll probably be using this method from now on. It’s faster than sketching on the tablet and I feel that I have more control and freedom to experiment on paper.

No Shows?

We’re going to start recording again… between illness, stress, holidays, shopping, birthdays and tech issues we haven’t had time lately.

We’re both itching to jump back in to the once a week schedule soon.