Comic 21 – Sketches

No time for a real comic today so I’ll leave you with this. From the time I could pick up a pencil I’ve been scribbling and trying to find faces in the scribble. I don’t know if anyone out there does this… but you should try it if you haven’t.

Just scribble in a small area, randomly letting the pencil hit the paper until you see a character emerge. Then simply darken the lines you see as being the defining lines for the toon and boom, your a cartoonist!

Comic 20 – At The Club

She’s three years old and loves to sing. And boy does she belt it out. She sings with head back and eyes closed for the world to hear.

Nobody minds when it’s at home… but right in the middle of the Sam’s Club? We’ll we’re just say that Dad doesn’t mind it… but someone else does.