Comic 11 – Older Doesn’t Mean Wiser

I was part of a passing conversation today where someone commented on eventually getting old. The other person said, “At least you’ll be wiser!”. The person responded, “Not everyone gets wiser”.

I’ve always wanted to get old, so I would be smarter. I realize that older doesn’t always equal wiser. Wisdom doesn’t come with age, it comes with experience. Experience comes from admitting faults, learning from them, and doing better with that knowledge next time.

Comic 10 – Home Alone

My family left to visit family Sunday afternoon. I find it hilarious how freaked out I get in an empty house. I get the same way in an empty church. I think it’s because these are places where you expect people to be. But they’re not… either that or because my Mom told me when I was a child that demons come inside churches when the people leave. Probably one of those.