5 thoughts on “06 – New Stuff New Baby New House”

  1. The house looks great (on the outside) I think you may need some sunglasses/blinders/blindfolds (??) for the inside for awhile though! LOL Wow…. those previous owners had bizarre tastes!!!!!!!!!!

    Yippee on the name decision!!!! (or 80% decision) Although I like the idea of calling him “Lewis”, I like the idea of J./Jay too. If you call him “Lewis”, he would *technically have a “J” name but most the “world” wouldn’t know it. They’d just see James, Jenn, Jenna, and Lewis.

    James, Jenn, Jenna, and Jay would look cool on Christmas cards! (And yes, I used to “try-out” potential “kid names” by “signing” the whole families to see how they look as a group. :-))

    Great show guys!

  2. I just scared myself. I looked at the house pictures, and actually thought it was kind of cool.. funky, offbeat.. I’d live there.

    With the exception of the tubey thing.

  3. So, I have a couple of questions….1) Is it going to be Louis, or Lewis for the baby boy? 2) What’s WRONG with the house–as-is looks great!~ 😉 3) are you going to con some church members to help paint? [though the mural is sort of cool, really. Just the over-board-ness of all the colors is a little much–like the too-blue bathroom. Hmmm, perhaps you could just tweak the [i][b]KITCHEN[/b][/i] a little, though] 4) I have no heck of an idea where that tube/light/alien thing is–is it the kitchen?

  4. Lewis. Glad you put the wink. I was worried. Saying the color is just a little out of wack is like saying a grenade is just a little dangerous. The alien light was picked up last night by a flying spaghetti monster.

  5. Help, Mrs. Kinnison!!! I thought if you would play Cake Mania, then I, a woman who has only ever played one game, Zoo Tycoon, might try it. I’m hooked and I cannot figure out how to serve those darn demanding brides! So I figure that since you are now the cause of my addiction, you might have a few tips to share on the next podcast. I’m up to my elbows in frosting and throwing away cakes like mad! I nearly forgot to water the horses the other morning.

    Smiling in Wyoming,
    Dana aka LuvYaMeanIt from Nobody’s Listening
    [Dana is pronounced like RoseanneRosannaDanna]

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