00 – Introductions

gln-600x600Meet James the Geek and Jenn the Nerd. The sound quality is horrible, but we really wanted to get this first one out!


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10 thoughts on “00 – Introductions”

  1. Hey, Guys! Nice job…(Jen you were simply amazing!)…sweetest moment? The baby girls voice piping up!
    The sound wasn’t really bad, Jen’s voice was kind of low on occasion, but that could’ve been because she was being forced to ‘podcast’…that and because James’ decided to talk OVER HER!
    Now let’s revisit this myspace profile music subject…I enjoy the profile music. I look at the profile music as an attempt at artistic expression…much like the whole layout. I find the music a slice of hospitality. The music tells me quit a bit about the person, in who’s space, I am visiting…and if they lack in said artistic taste and expression…in other words, their song truly sucks…I hit the pause/volume button…quickly.

  2. No argument from us on the profile songs… we just hate the Auto Play… mostly cause it can scare you sometimes if it’s suddenly all loud!

  3. Great show, made me smile very early this morning :)which usually only happens after coffee. I liked you guys debating over “Internet/Podcast” people. I mostly agree with Jenn, but James you made some valid points! Way to break down the ‘Geek Loves Nerd’ show title James…telling Jenn it’s the title that can bring listners, but after that “it’s just you and me”…well said 🙂 I’ll be listening in the future..

  4. Actually, nerd is like socially unacceptable and occupied with intellectual stuff, and geek is passionate about something that doesn’t require human interaction, but can do.

    You made Jenn the bad one.

  5. I have had your theme song in my head all week, I don’t know where it came from. I love your podcast – You sound like me and my husband! Love it!

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